The Sea
March 27, 2014

IMG_0370Devi and I are taking a short break in Pacific Grove, California, overlooking Monterey Bay with its rugged and dramatic coastline. In addition to the beauty of the ocean, there is an amazing variety of sea life: flocks of cormorants and seagulls, seals sunning themselves, and sea otters somehow endlessly entertaining doing nothing more than floating on their backs. Further out there are whales.

There is a timeless quality to the sea. The sea life and tides, the waves and rocks, the vistas and sunsets have changed little for millions of years. And yet, every day, every hour is different and fresh. This is one of the primal qualities of the Divine: unchanging but ever-new.

IMG_0373The elements—earth, water, fire, air, and ether—seem more revealed here. According to her mood, the sea either caresses or crushes the solid rocks. The sun fires the water, and everything is touched and tossed by the wind. At sunset even the invisible ether seems tangible. The sea lives inside of us—our blood a miniature ocean nourishing every cell—and the five elements are in our very marrow, expressed in the chakras. This resonance of outer and inner worlds draws people to the sea. Our morning walks or runs are joined by dozens of others, young and old.

jellyToday, we visited the world-famous Monterey Bay Aquarium. Along with hundreds of varieties of fish, they have a large display of jellyfish. These seem to be creatures from an alien planet, floating and pulsing in otherworldly rhythms. Their glowing patterns, produced by internal luminescence, seem more suited to a science fiction spaceship than to a living creature. How infinitely creative is Divine Mother!

IMG_0343Paramhansa Yogananda loved the sea. In her book, The Flawless Mirror, Kamala Silva reminisces about how Master would vacation at their home near Santa Barbara and swim twice a day in the surf. He would stroll or meditate so often on the bluffs at Encinitas Hermitage that the surfers named it “Swami’s Beach.” He suggested that we, too, meditate on the horizon line where the sky meets the sea, because it helps us attune to the superconscious state, which lies between the conscious and subconscious minds.

Divine Mother shows Her love for us by filling our world with beauty and tiny miracles, but too often we walk through the day oblivious to its loveliness, our heads filled with projects and problems. It is good, once in a while, to visit the sea. It reawakens our wonder and our gratitude.

In joy,

Nayaswami Jyotish

15 thoughts on “The Sea

  1. Yashoda Murthy

    I like others also love the sea. Somehow i feel God’s presence more palpably in the vastness of ocean. Also feel spiritually calmed and comforted in that environment. Thanks for the tip re meditating on the horizon line. Hope you and Devi had a wonderful time!

  2. Jim Williams

    Thank you again, Jyotish! This reminds me of Master’s song, which starts…”So do Thou my Lord. Thou and I, never apart…”

  3. Premkumar S

    Dear Nayaswami Jyotish,

    Wonderful, thank you .
    I have visited the beach lot of time as I am from Chennai, but what a thought I missed. Next time onwards my visit , I shall carry these thoughts with me and look a place for meditation.


  4. Bhagavati

    Easy access to the ocean was the absolute best part of living in San Francisco for so many years. Reading this beautiful and inspiring article reminds me of how much I still miss it. I also miss you and Devi. Joy to you both!

  5. Jeff Kundert

    I was at Encinitas in the 80’s, on a personal pilgrimage to this place, and found myself at a vegetarian restaurant in town. Sitting quietly in a corner, I happened to see a couple of lean, tanned, blond streaked haired surfers at a table nearby….All at once another surfer came quickly towards them and coolly but excitedly exclaimed, “Surf’s up at Swami’s”!! To them it was a common direction to a beach they all know. To me, it was a message that the Guru is always nearby and present with us.

    Surf is always up at Swami’s for a disciple……….Peace,,Jeff

  6. Lewis

    I have always enjoyed the Monterey area; especially the “17 mile drive” and the Pebble beach area. I have visited some of the beautiful golf courses on the 17 mile drive, not to play golf (way too expensive!) but to hit a bucket of balls at their driving range. The golf club is very accommodating, furnishing clubs and $5 a bucket of balls. But enjoying the wild life along the rugged coastal area is always especially inspiring.

  7. Rambhakta

    Wow. Wonderful. Point Lobos is one of the most alive places on the planet, and your photos of the shoreline at Pacific Grove are wonderful – made me want to dive in! Blessings and joy to you both. In Master.

  8. Annapurna

    Thank you for sharing, Jyotish!

    What a lovely reminder. Since going out to the new farm, in Half Moon Bay, many of us, take more time over at the Mavericks. There is a nice trail to the ocean that goes along side the bay and then to the open sea, where the waves crash and the rocks. It is a nice place to watch the sun go down.

    Annapurna Darcy

  9. Lalita

    I too love the ocean. Every year we visit my mother who lives near the ocean. It is always rejuvenating, inspiringly beautiful, and even deeply fulfilling to just sit and watch the waves, the beautiful blue sky, the various birds and feel the peace the ocean shares. God made a good thing when He made the ocean.

  10. Raina

    Thank you for sending us your story’s.
    They are touching. My mom & I read
    them every week. One time I brought
    the story of: Swamiji’s crystal into my
    class (3 & 4 grade) for circle time.
    I am in third grade and I go to the
    Ananda Portland living wisdom school.

  11. Brindey

    Namaste Jyotish!
    This Post was so refreshing and enveloping. I too felt myself at the Sea
    breathing the salt water and watching the Seagulls and Otters!
    Thank you for bringing us with you and sharing your divine experience!
    You are in my Prayers. Yesterday I thought of you both at the end
    of my Meditation before bed and hoped you were enjoying your
    reprieve. Thank You!

  12. Josette

    Blessings to you both,
    Every morning upon waking I take a small glass of water and give thanks to the “water”, literally, speaking my gratitude to it. For Water gives us so much that we can take for granted. We are mostly water ourselves and it has been a wonderful way to help me stay connected to he “sea” within.
    Enjoy this magical time.
    ~~~Peace, Josette

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